"How High 2" Premieres Today At Exactly 4:20 Amidst A Flurry Of Backlash


The sequel to How High 2 doesn’t bring Redman and Method Man back into the fold –  but that’s hardly why the veteran rappers haven’t too quick to endorse it. Redman explained his displeasure with the movie as a simple lack of courtesy. 

“Long story short is that me and Meth was not aware that they were doing this transaction with the movie. I’m not mad at Yachty or DC Fly—like I said, it has nothing to do with them,” Redman said on the Grass Routes podcast on behalf of him and his other half.

Then there’s the issue of continuity fans of the cult film want upheld at all costs, through no fault of DC Young Fly and Lil Yachty. Much of the criticism coming from fans (social media) relates to the purely commercial motivation behind the MTV and Universal 1440 Entertainment co-production. As one Twitter user so succinctly put it, “Literally NO ONE asked for How High 2.”

Make of it what you will, but that statement reads like a call for integrity, more so than a denunciation of any of the actors, writers, and producers enlisted on the project. Even Mike Epps joined the How High 2 cast while feigning absolutely no interest in its final outcome or critical reception. Ouch!

For what it’s worth, the film is still going to stream on a host of subscription services/channels at 4:20 on the dot. You can watch the trailer in-full right here. On that note, let’s make this year’s 420 a positive experience like nothing else. The exact details regarding the broadcast can be sourced at Heavy.com.