House Producer Cherokee Pays Homage to the City Of Angels in ‘Someone in L.A.’ Exclusive


Dorian Miche, who goes by the alias Cherokee, recently fell in love with the laid-back vibes of Los Angeles after moving to the city from his native France. Now, the pop-house producer is paying homage to his new living with the video for his latest single "Someone in L.A." — which premieres exclusively on Billboard today (May 23).

Featuring vocalist Knight One, the song encapsulates the shimmering essence of the city thanks to its summer-ready synths and breathy chorus. The video cements that West Coast feeling, following a suited male expat who dabbles in quintessential Los Angeles tasks: modeling at a photo shoot, signing contracts and taking shots at a trendy nightclub.

"With ‘Someone in L.A.’ I was looking to pay a tribute to the City of Angels that welcomed me a few years ago now," Cherokee tells Billboard. "A lot of the things I have imagined and dreamed about as a teenager came to reality here. It is a very inspiring place for creative minds and I believe that it has a significant impact on my creativity and the path I am taking as an artist."

"Someone in L.A." is the first single off Cherokee's forthcoming EP Californism, out June 21.

Check out the new video below.