Hopsin Masterfully Paints A Portrait Of XXXTentacion


Hopsin gets clowned online all the time for his supposed “corniness” but he has one of the most solid characters in the entire game. He proved that today by showing love to XXXTentacion, speaking about his personal experiences with the rapper and painting a portrait of him to hang in his home.

Posting a video of himself in the act of painting the work of art, Hopsin spoke about how he first connected with XXXTentacion, noting that he had received a direct message from him but he thought it must have been a fan account. After he double-checked the username, he realized that it actually was the Florida rapper that wanted to collaborate with him on some real rap. The message read, “A collaboration, me, you, straight emcee bars, no mumble rap bullshit.” The two artists never ended up working together but the fact that X even considered getting in the studio with “little old Hopsin” has left Hop with such respect for X. 

Hopsin Masterfully Paints A Portrait Of XXXTentacion
Vincent Sandoval/WireImage/Getty Images

He says that XXX’s passing affected him differently and although he never actually met the man, he believes that his energy still runs through the Earth today. Hop says he had trouble painting the portrait of X but when he started focusing on the details, like the subtle colours in his hair, it all came about perfectly. It took Hopsin approximately five days to complete it.

Surprisingly, Hopsin actually takes off his coloured contacts to paint. If you don’t remember what he looks like without the contacts, watch the video below.