Hollow Coves Share Reflective New Track ‘When We Were Young,’ Announce Debut Album: Exclusive


Hollow Coves have announced their forthcoming debut album Moments, and unveiled lead single "When We Were Young" exclusively  Billboard today (Aug. 14). 

On the track, the Brisbane duo reflect on little nostalgic moments, backed by stunning harmonies and acoustic guitars and piano. "But now we're older and we feel the world at our feet/ As time turns we drift away," they croon smoothly on the Chris Bond-produced track. While they're wishing to gain back time, there's something that sonically feels reassuring.

"When we first started writing 'When We Were Young,' the melodies led us to reflect on times from our youth, missing the simplicity of life back then," the band tells Billboard. 

"I think that’s something that a lot of people can relate to," they continue. "As you get older things get harder. Life gets busy. However, as we continued writing, we realized that we didn’t want the message of the song to end there. I think people can often get so caught up wishing things were the way they used to be that they don’t realize how beautiful life can be in this moment. Right now.”

The highly anticipated, 11-track album will be released on Oct. 18. The band is set for a big European tour this fall, which can be found here.

Listen to the mesmerizing track below.