Holland Releases Poignant ‘Nar_C’ Music Watch


K-pop singer Holland returned on Sunday (March 31) with his latest release. “Nar_C,” his first song of 2019, follows last year’s “I’m So Afraid” as the singer’s fourth single.

The song leans into deep house with hints of nu-disco elements to create an addicting dance track, but it's paired with a music video that is anything but upbeat. "Nar_C" tells the story of two lovers who at first enjoy their time together.

The video ends with Holland crying on his own after his boyfriend walks away from him after an apparent fight, and the final touch comes when a bouquet of flowers, a symbol of their love, crashing to the floor.

Poignant and a rare showcase of queer love coming out of the Korean music world — which the star told Billboard last year was something he hoped to normalize — Holland took to Twitter to explore the relationship between himself and the other man, Jaeseok, in a series of tweets that tie into the music videos plot.

On March 29, he shared a teaser image that read: "Sensitive and delicate Holland. Spontaneous and impulsive Jaeseok. As time went by, they got used to each other, would get into fights over things. From time to time, Holland would see himself in Jaeseok After fighting, Jaeseok would always bring a yellow daffodil as an apology. One day, they had a big argument over a small issue. They could not contain their emotions. Jaeseok left. Holland was left at home by himself. Sometimes he opens the door but Jaeseok never comes back. Holland goes outside holding a yellow daffodil."

Watch the music video for Holland’s “Nar_C” below.