Hogs Lay Waste To Cocaine Stash In The Italian Wilderness


When somebody says “the pigs raided the stash,” this isn’t usually what they have in mind. And yet, an Italian pusher had to deliver that exact news. According to a report from Complex, which in turn received the scoop from an Italian publication, some Italy-based drug-runners attempted to bury a cocaine stash in the Tuscan wilderness. Apparently, it didn’t take long for a pack of Wild Hogs to sniff out and lay waste to the stash, leading to a reported loss of up to $22,000 dollars worth of product — and that’s without factoring in any inadvertent drug use the Hogs may have indulged in. 

Hogs Lay Waste To Cocaine Stash In The Italian Wilderness


Police were originally running a wiretap on the operation, which tipped them off to the Hog debacle to begin with. So the story goes, Italian authorities overheard some of the dealers complaining about the damage that Hogs do, which is said to rival that of men. These Hogs, they know no fear; now that some of them have possibly picked up a cocaine habit, who knows what brazen madness may ensue? Farmers, local villages, and errant wilderness travelers are already living in fear. It’s a development that will no doubt leave all parties shitting bricks, literally in the case of the hogs.

Sometimes, it be your own friends. Other times, it’s the animal kingdom that does you in. The end result remains the same.