Hit-Boy Shares Old Text Messages With Nipsey Hussle About "Racks In The Middle"


Nipsey Hussle‘s last official release before his tragic passing was the single, “Racks In The Middle,” featuring Roddy Rich and Hit-Boy. Nipsey and Hit-Boy were already frequent collaborators by that point, concocting “Bullets Ain’t Got No Names,” “Thuggin,” “1 Hunnit A Show,” and more. “Racks” came out a bit over a month before Nipsey’s death and took off immediately. A month after we lost Nip, Hit-Boy spoke about the song’s creation in an interview with LA Leakers on Power 106. Super producer, Hit-Boy, initially intended for Nipsey to just contribute a verse to the song, which would appear on former’s compilation album. However, Nipsey ended up loving the beat so much that he asked to keep it for himself. 

Hit-Boy shared that the recording process of the song was so emotional that both him and Nipsey cried in the studio. Today, Hit-Boy stumbled upon a texting conversation with Nip about the track following its release and all the emotions came rushing back. Hit-Boy messaged the Victory Lap rapper that they made a smash and the streets were reacting accordingly. Nip wholeheartedly agreed. 

It has become a common practice for Nipsey’s friends to memorialize to late artist on social media, posting photos of him and detailing the impact that he had on them and the world. 

Watch Hit-Boy discuss “Racks In The Middle” below.