Hip Hop Legend Scarface Says His Verzuz Would Only Be Beef-Focused


Don’t expect to see Scarface in a Verzuz with any of his rap homies.

In a tweet on Tuesday (November 24), the Hip Hop legend shared his thoughts on participating in the record-breaking series and according to Face, he’s not getting in the ring unless it’s someone he’s not cool with.

“I’m not ever gonna do a VS. unless I don’t like the nigga, then I’ll destroy his ass,” he wrote. “Revisit that catalog again… 1988-2020 smoke.”

When fans got excited that the tweet could mean he’s open to the idea, he quickly clarified his stance – he’s not hitting Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s stage any time soon.

“You people need to read, I told you I’m not doin that shit,” he affirmed.

Scarface is currently awaiting a kidney transplant following a battle with COVID-19 that resulted in kidney failure in April. In October, he asked fans for help with donating one of their kidneys if their blood type is B+, and T.I. even stepped in to use his platform to help get the word out.

Days later, he provided an update and revealed he’d started the transplant process and found out that any blood type can donate.

“I’ve started the process to get a kidney transplant, I appreciate the love,” Face wrote. “It should take me 2-3 months to see if I’m a good candidate, in the meantime you stay healthy, the list will open shortly there after and we can discuss who’s a match.. again I appreciate that y’all.. Just found out blood type don’t matter if you are a donor they will match me with my kidney in exchange so anyone can be a donor, can’t thank y’all enough.”