HHS1987 Exclusive: Tee-Kay V – Hurt (2020) [Video]

Hurt-Thumnail HHS1987 Exclusive: Tee-Kay V - Hurt (2020) [Video]

His latest video, “Hurt,” shows him fighting through his demons to be successful. Life is fast, and the upstate NY representer is more focused than ever. The infectious bop is the perfect mix of bounce and self-reflection. If you are someone who wants to achieve a goal, this song is for you. 

Tee-Kay V has been through it all. His upcoming album, ‘21‘, drops next month to celebrate his 21st birthday. His previous music has done well on streaming, and he looks to up the anty this go around. Drake said we are “in a time where it’s a recreation to pull all of your skeletons out.”  Tee-Kay V took note as not many artists are willing to be as vulnerable in their music as him. His vulnerability will be what makes him a fan favorite.