Here’s ‘Pecador,’ the Result of Residente’s Latest Experiment With a Human Brain


It’s Halloween and it’s the perfect day for the Puerto Rican rapper Residente to release his new video for “Pecador.” Because it's definitely scary, but at the end, it carries an expressive narrative about a human confessing his sins and thoughts.

As a singer and video director, Residente has proven that he has no boundaries within his opinion and his projects. And, “Pecador” is no exception.

The musical clip, filmed in a church, features a child wearing a white dress with a red coat who lip-syncs the full song, expressing an opinion on the world’s corruption with lyrics like “Escucho voces cada vez que apago la luz, cuando me cuestiono lo que no te cuestionaste tú Por eso a veces los versos que escribo hacen que a Jesús se les salga los clavos de la cruz” (“I hear voices every time I turn off the light, when I wonder what you didn't question yourself. That is why sometimes I write verses that cause Jesus' nails on the cross to come out).

“For this video, I envisioned to have that little girl inside of all of us expressing themselves freely with no limitations and coming out to narrate what I was feeling when I wrote this song,” said Residente in a press statement.

The song was born after the artist, alongside Yale University, experimented to capture the brain frequencies of a Muslim man while praying and turn those waves into music.

Watch the video below: