Here’s How The Currys Will Decide Who To Root For In Blazers-Warriors Series


Golden State Warriors All Star point guard Steph Curry and his younger brother, Portland Trail Blazers guard Seth Curry, will make history this week as they become the first brothers to go up against each other in the same conference finals. It all makes for a uniquely stressful dilemma for their mother, Sonya, and father, Dell.

When it comes to deciding which son to root for, the Currys plan to simply flip a coin before each game to determine who wears black and red, and who wears blue and gold.

“We are flipping a coin every game,” Sonya Curry tells ESPN.

“Well, we have to flip to see who flips first,” Dell explained, per the AP. “There’s going to be a lot of coin flipping going on.”

Both brothers have described the matchup as a “dream come true,” and they’re parents seem equally as excited to get the series underway. Game 1 of the Blazers-Warriors series is set to tipoff at 9pm ET on Tuesday night, airing on ESPN.

“It’s going to be fun,” Dell told ESPN. “It’s going to lessen our travel schedule. That’s the biggest thing. We’ve been traveling quite a bit. It’s been fun, it’s been tiresome, but it’s about ready to get real now.

“It’s going to be so much fun,” Sonya says. “It is. From our end, to see both of our sons to compete at this level and for the goal to be a championship is such a blessing. We never could imagine this.

“One of them might go home. But we’re going to the championship!”

Worth noting: Milwaukee’s Pau Gasol and Toronto’s Marc Gasol could have also joined the brother vs brother conference finals club, but Pau has been sidelined with a season-ending foot injury.