Heart Break Kay – Why I Loved You


Kayla Rowe aka Heart Break Kay has decided to take her pain and turn into passion. After having her heart broken too many times she decided to put her pain on paper and over the instrumental. The Sarasota, Florida native went from making singing videos on Instagram to making melodies in the studio. Her amazing soulful lyrics has been one of the key secrets to her success. She always had dreams of becoming a singer like Mary J. Blige and Beyonce she was very influence how the would share their emotional story with the world and so they gave her inspiration to do the same.


In 2016 a Florida producer known as “Xo eros” sought out for a female vocalist for a catchy rap song and Kayla’s soulful voice on Instagram caught his attention and together they made a hit. From that point on they continued to bless many tracks with her angelic voice and his incredible ear for good beats and rest is history some describe her genres as unknown because she does Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM and R&B.


She is now releasing songs from her Ep “Kayla Rowe” which is mostly songs of her telling stories of heart breaks and how she got through them and over coming the relationship with her unfaithful ex-Fiance which was a basketball player
once a caterpillar now a butterfly she was once a mad black woman with a broken heart and now she does the heart breaking “Heart Break Kay”. Today, she has dropped off her latest video “Why I Loved You”. Checkout the video above.