HBCU Commencement Speaker Pays Off Class Of 2019 Student Loans


HBCU graduates of Morehouse University just got incredibly lucky this year. The commencement speaker for this year’s graduating ceremony, billionaire Robert F. Smith, has announced he would be clearing the student debts of the entire class of 2019. The news was shared by Smith as he received an honorary doctorate at Morehouse College this Sunday morning. During the graduation exercises, the generous billionaire announced he would be giving away $1.5 million dollars to the school. Furthermore, as he shared remarks in front of the 400 graduating seniors, the wealthy technology investor surprised the class by letting them know he had their debt covered.

“This is my class. I know my class will pay this forward,” he shared during his speech. “My family is going to create a grant to eliminate your student loans!” As such, the class rejoiced gleefully. The billionaire garnered his wealth throughout the years by doing it big in the technology investment industries. In accumulating such wealth, Robert F. Smith began partaking in a series of philanthropic activities which include this one, apparently. The student loan clearing gift is estimated at $40 million dollars. And indeed, it is a powerful way to give back to the community. Congratulations to Morehouse University’s debt-free Class of 2019.