Hayley Kiyoko Breaks Equipment, Is a General Delight in New Clip From ‘YNTCD’ Video Shoot: Watch


Taylor Swift shared another new behind-the-scenes look at the colorful "Taylor Park" in the "You Need To Calm Down" video Instagram today (June 26).

The clip starts out with Swift hanging out with Hayley Kiyoko as she works on her archery scene. "The fact that you can get it back that far. She's strong, huh?" Swift said.

"Today was really great because my dream is to be in the Hunger Games and I just totally took over," Kiyoko said. "It's safe to say that they've been won," Swift responded. 

"You look like you do that every day...I just want to watch that on a loop. I'm gonna GIF this," Swift said as the two stars watched over the footage of Kiyoko shooting a bow and arrow. They revealed that Kiyoko may have even struck an expensive piece of lighting equipment during the process, but she laughed it off and joked that she'd Venmo Taylor for the damage.

Swift also spoke about working with co-director Drew Kirsch: "It was awesome working with Drew. This was the first time I've ever worked with him. His style is very eccentric and quirky and kitschy in like, the best way possible, so we wanted [the video] to be completely real. Like completely in a real world," she said.

Afterwards, Swift gushed over the set: "We can't get over this world, we can't get over the art direction, the design, the color-blocking. It's so aesthetically pleasing." 

The Queer Eye cast appear for a second, exclaiming their love for life.

"It's so fun doing collaborative stuff," Swift emphasized. "When you get to work with other people who are happy to be there, having fun -- there's nothing like it. It's just beyond."

Watch the clip below.