Harvard Researchers Have Successfully Made Cow & Rabbit Meat In A Lab


Harvard bioengineers have made history since a group of researchers has successfully grown rabbit and cow meat from an edible gelatin base. According to CNN, the substance mimics the same texture and look of real meat but there’s been no word on the taste. The new discovery came to life when engineers took edible fibers made of gelatin and spun them around in a machine that resembles a cotton candy machine until the fibers resembled and laid out like processed meat. 

Harvard Researchers Have Successfully Made Cow & Rabbit Meat In A Lab
Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images

Such a new discovery could revolutionize the way people consume meat and have positive effects on the meat industry but a lot of hoops will have to be cleared before such an offering hits the shelves. The publication details how one fake burger patty takes up to nine weeks to make. “Moving forward, the goals are nutritional content, taste, texture and affordable pricing. The long-range goal is reducing the environmental footprint of food,” Kit Parker, senior study author and Harvard professor of bioengineering said. 

“Our methods are always improving and we have clear objectives because our design rules are informed by natural meats. Eventually, we think it may be possible to design meats with defined textures, tastes, and nutritional profiles — a bit like brewing,” Luke MacQueen, another author of the study added. 

Summer Walker, who’s been a vegetarian for all of one week shared her two cents on the matter. “I’ve been vegetarian for a week and some change now. I’m fucking starving tho,” she wrote on Instagram about the news.