Harry Styles Reflects On His Solo Album's Anniversary: 'I Had The Time of My Life Making It'


It's been a whole year since Harry Styles released his self-titled solo debut album, and the pop star has taken a moment to look back on the work that has him selling out arenas all over the world on his own just a couple years out from One Direction's hiatus.

Styles recorded the bulk the album in Port Antonio, Jamaica, and he's just shared a black-and-white pic himself taking a breather in a lush, tropical setting. (He didn't geotag it, but the Jamaican flag is prominently featured in the shot, so it's safe to assume this is a belated #TBT from his time spent working on the Caribbean island.) 

“Today is one year since I released my debut album, thank you to everyone who listened and supported,” he writes Instagram. “I had the time my life making it. I love you all.”

Styles had previously commented on the dynamic in the Jamaican studio and how the setting played a part in shaping the sound and strength the record in a September 2017 conversation with Cameron Crowe. “It made it so we were in Jamaica, we’re in the studio every day, we just didn’t think about anything else,” he said. “It was about these five guys in a room, we’re in Jamaica, let’s make some music that we want to sit in Jamaica and listen to, and that was it. I found it so difficult to explain music and making it and so much the details, and we just wanted to write what we wanted to listen to and what we loved. And we finished with an album that we’re so happy with.”

Styles is in the midst the second leg his world tour, which will move on to Latin America and North America after he wraps the Asian leg the jaunt in Tokyo tonight (May 12).