Hardwell & Maurice West Remix Cascada's Hit 'Everytime We Touch': Listen


Cascada's sugary 2007 hit "Everytime We Touch" is a rave floor classic, and in honor the tune's never-ending appeal, Hardwell and Maurice West gave it a modern remix.

Because the original song is near-adrenaline-rush perfection, Hardwell and West do a lot to keep it intact. Mostly, they amp the energy by working those hard drum hits throughout, and when the big hook comes around, they milk it for every electrifying ounce it's got. It's like you took the original and fed it a bunch Pixy Stix, threw glitter on its cheeks and said, "Go play."

The Dutch superstar recently performed the remix for the Tomorrowland crowds, and course, it went over like a rainbow. Hardwell and West's energetic take on "Everytime We Touch" is out now on Zoo Digital.

Jump into its boundless enthusiasm below.