Hardwell Announces He's 'Clearing My Schedule Indefinitely' to Focus On Personal Life


"Being Hardwell 24/7 leaves too little energy, love, creativity and attention for my life as a normal person."

Dutch producer Hardwell took to Instagram on Friday (Sept. 7) to announce that he will be clearing his schedule indefinitely, with his last performance being at the Ziggo Dome during the Amsterdam Dance Event on Oct. 18.

Starting his career in 2005 at age 17, Hardwell shared that although he had dreamed living the life he currently lives for years, he has come to the realization that there is still a lot he wants to share with family and friends that his hectic tour schedule doesn't allow for. 

"Over the past few years I’ve come to know myself better and better," the caption reads, "and over time I realized that there’s still so much I want to share with my family and friends, so many roads I’d like to explore, but being Hardwell 24/7 leaves too little energy, love, creativity and attention for my life as a normal person to do so."


Though he'll be clearing his schedule indefinitely from performances, interviews, deadlines and release dates, the "Spaceman" star assured his fans that he will continue to make music and will never let go it. "I always try to give myself 200% and in order to keep doing that, and feeding my creativity, I need some time f to be me, the person behind the artist and reflect on everything that happened the last few years."

Hardwell performed in Ibiza, Spain for the season's closing on Thursday (Sept. 6) and will throw a final banger at the Amsterdam Dance Event's Ziggo Dome on Oct. 16.

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