Hannah Hart Gets Real About Diversifying During Digital Media Panel Presented By Verizon Media


Sponsored by Verizon Media, the Digital Media: Pride & Platforms panel at Thursday’s (Aug. 8) inaugural Billboard & The Hollywood Reporter’s Pride Summit offered audiences with an in-depth look behind the curtain at the inclusivity of digital content, and the creators making change happen. 

Hannah Hart, best known for her YouTube series "My Drunk Kitchen," got real about what it means to have multiple projects going on at once as a digital creator. The star said that when she first got a television show ddeal with Food Network, she was congratulated on achieving her ultimate goal. 

"Once I got on Food Network, people were like, ‘You did it! You’re done!’ And I was like … no," she said. "There is no moment where you achieve a singular goal, because it is my goal to make this my life." 

The star elaborated, saying that she and many other creators have to rely on ingenuity and constant creation in order to sustain a business, because they would be beholden to an algorithm that prefers more superfluous content otherwise. "Instead of the hyperbolic, clickbait direction I think things are at, I want it to stay an incubation space for artists," she said. "It’s being influenced by advertisers dipping in and out."

She closed her remarks with an easy metaphor: "You can’t put your eggs in one basket, and that basket certainly can’t be owned by somebody else.”