Halsey, Tegan and Sara, Jordy and More Celebrate Coming Out Day: ‘It’s a Living, Breathing Journey’


Friday (Oct. 11) is this year’s National Coming Out Day, and artists and musicians including Halsey, Tegan and Sara and more are taking to social media to share their coming out stories and messages of affirmation for those still in the closet.

“Happy #ComingOutDay!” Halsey wrote in heartwarming tweet. “To everyone who has, hasn’t, wants to, can’t, and those of us who feel like we are coming out all the time and will continue to for the rest of our lives (!!!) haha. It’s a living breathing journey and it’s yours to design. love you.”

Tegan and Sara used their platform to point to resources for parents and loved ones of transgender kids, and rising pop talent Jordy shared his coming out story in a powerful Instagram post.

Check out more Coming Out Day posts from Yvie Oddly, Taylor Bennett, Lin-Manuel Miranda and others below.


10 years ago I was closeted and depressed and scared to come out. I was talking to a boy on the internet because I felt like I had nobody else to turn to. One fateful day I left my Facebook logged on my mom’s computer, and my messages were displayed on the screen when she sat down to do some work. I remember her voice when she yelled out “Hey honey – who is this boy you’re talking to on Facebook?” My heart sank to the bottom of my feet. She knew. At that moment, my driving teacher pulled up onto my driveway for a driving lesson. I came up with some stupid excuse and ran out of the house for my driving lesson. The entire time I knew that when I got back home, my life would be forever changed. When I got home, I tried walking upstairs quietly so that no one would hear me, but as I was about to close my bedroom door, my mom called out to me, “Come to my room, Jord.” I walked in, and she said to me, “Me and dad saw those messages – and we love you. We love you so, so much. No matter who you are.” Because of their love, I felt comfortable that year coming out to my siblings and the rest of my family, and all of my friends at school. I finally felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I was free to be me. I am very fortunate. I am very lucky. My situation isn’t the norm. There are millions of people around the world horrified to come out because of the fear of being disowned by family and friends. Because of this, I want to speak for those who can’t. I want to make art that allows people to love themselves for who they are. “Coming out” has changed so much over the past decade. In a lot of ways, it’s not even necessary. You love who you love. But for those who are afraid of being open with who you love, take your time. Take deep breaths. Surround yourself with people who make you feel loved. There is no rush. But know that there are people out there who WILL love you unconditionally. Including myself. Happy #nationalcomingoutday ❤️

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