Halsey Shares Stripped-Down Rendition Of Frank Ocean’s "Solo"


Despite having suffered a perilous “nude rock climbing” accident, Halsey’s spirits cannot be dampened. The singer has recently taken to Twitter to share a cover of Frank Ocean‘s “Solo,” along with an unofficial video to match.

As a preface of sorts, Halsey explained the song’s importance on a personal level, explaining that she kept it with her throughout her latest tour. “Its moments like these i yearn for the comfortable chaos of the stage,” she writes. “I sang this song to myself in the dressing room everyday on the last tour and it still fills me with the feeling of home. i wanted to share it with you. see you soon.”

Halsey’s version retains the spirit of Frank’s original Blonde single, down to the sparse arrangement and free-flowing melody. Even spirited lines like “you gotta hit that pu**y raw though” are delivered with conviction. As of now, Frank has yet to comment on Halsey’s homage, though it’s likely he’ll get a kick out of it – should be not feel sample clearance boundaries were crossed. Should you need a refresher on the original, check it out below. How did Halsey do?