Halsey Is The Most Supportive Girlfriend Backstage Of Yungblud’s Festival Performance


When Halsey’s not twerking in ass-less chaps or dropping off kick-ass videos, she’s backstage cheering on her boo Yungblud at his festival performances. The “Without You” singer was spotted behind the scenes during Yungblud’s performance in Columbus, Ohio at the Sonic Temple Festival. TMZ has snaps of Halsey recording videos and snaps and according to reports, she was even dancing her ass off clearly enjoying her time behind the scenes for once.

Halsey Is The Most Supportive Girlfriend Backstage Of Yungblud's Festival Performance
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Halsey and Yungblud have been dating for some time and as the story goes, Halsey DM’d the British rocker, which sparked their relationship. “She sent me her number on an Instagram DM. That’s it!  I was like, that’s so cool. I was just in the studio with my mates and I was like, ‘Halsey just gave me her number and a black heart,’” Yungblud previously explained.

Halsey added: “I was sitting at home and I really wanted to have a real conversation with someone.  I just got into an Uber by myself, went downtown, and we just met up … total stranger, I’ve never met him before.  It was cool for me because it reminded me of when I was back in New York and making music, and I would do that; I would just link with other artists, and it felt really organic.”

And the rest is history.