Halsey Injures Foot Trying to ‘Save’ a Butterfly That Was Already Dead


Halsey recently took a bad spill while trying to save a butterfly. Unknown to her, the beautiful winged insect was already dead.

The 24-year-old pop star tweeted about the unfortunate incident on Wednesday (May 29), writing that the fall resulted in a broken toe.

"I was trying to save a hurt butterfly in the jungle. I broke my toe. turns out the butterfly was already dead," the singer captioned side-by-side photos of the butterfly in question and her broken toe.

"I have alien feet I know," Halsey continued. "I sacrificed having nice feet when I committed to a life of dancing on stages and saving dead butterflies. this hurts. 3 radio shows in California this week. Catch me hobbling around!"

Despite the injury, Halsey was still scheduled to perform at several concerts in the coming days.