Halle Berry’s DMX Challenge Revisits Iconic Looks From "Catwoman" & "X-Men"


The DMX Challenge has made waves across social media. And it’s nice to see DMX‘s name associated with a viral challenge based on the greatness of his music rather than his antics. After gaining traction on Instagram and Twitter, more and more celebrities hopped on the wave. Amber Rose came in with her version of the DMX challenge which was rather humorous since she included Caillou. The GOAT Jada Pinkett Smith came through with her own version of the challenge yesterday. However, we have another legendary actress stepping in to show off some of her most iconic looks to date.

Halle Berry is 53-years-old but it’s hard to believe it. Over her illustrious career, she’s taken on roles in some iconic roles. For her DMX challenge, she seemingly sent out a reminder that she’s had one hell of a career. As DMX lists off each name, she showcases her various looks from different films such as when she played Storm in the X-Men series and her role in Catwoman. “Had to do it to ‘em. 😂 #DMXChallenge,” she captioned the post. 

If you’ve been hiding under a rock and you don’t know about the DMX challenge, it essentially stems from his song “What These Bitches Want” where he names a list of women. Women have posted the challenge, showing off their different looks as X lists off each name.