Halle Berry Shares Lusty Bath Photo


Halle Berry decided to come through with the ultimate thirst-trap via her Instagram account. The Academy Award recipient offered fans a glimpse into her #SundaySelfCare routine by sharing a photo of herself in a bathtub. Herein, the 52-year old actress looks right at us with a playful grin as she evidently enjoys relaxing in her foamy-bubble bath. She even holds onto a few bubbles as though we’re not the ones currently melting. The picture is tied to the following caption: “It’s been a really long day, but still making time for #SelfCareSunday with my bubble bath.” What does your #SelfCareSunday routine look like and most importantly, does it look as good as Halle Berry’s?

Last week, the actress gifted us with another thirst trap through her Snapchat account. In the latter, the “Monster’s Ball” star laid bare and comfortable with a jean jacket and nothing underneath. Leave it up to Halle to have everyone’s curiosity piquing like so. This is the second thirst trap in the span of a week, hence fans may want to stay glued to her socials for more. Who knows? Maybe she’s on a streak these days. Either way, we are not ones to complain.