Hacking A Private Instagram Account Is Way Easier Than You Think


If you are one of many that opted for privacy when it comes to your Instagram, we’re here with some alarming news that you should probably be aware of. According to a new report posted by BuzzFeed, hacking into a private account and relaying the ‘private’ content can be done with some simple HTML coding and URL stealing that anyone can do. 

The hack, that works best on a desktop, can be completed by the person who follows a private account. All you have to do is view the user’s post or Instagram story, inspect the page (right mouse click) and then grab the URL that can be shared with anyone even if they don’t follow the user or aren’t logged into Instagram. The publication details how videos and photos can be viewed, downloaded and shared publicly by the latter. Instagram stories, that have a 24-hour posting window, are viewable for a number of days when the hack is performed. 

Hacking A Private Instagram Account Is Way Easier Than You Think
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

“The behavior described here is the same as taking a screenshot of a friend’s photo on Facebook and Instagram and sharing it with other people,” a Facebook spokesperson explained. “It doesn’t give people access to a person’s private account,” it just gives them access to their posts and story uploads. The hack can also be performed on Facebook pages if you want to see the content of someone you’re not friends with. 

While Instagram tracks who views story uploads, the hack makes it unknown as to who downloads, shares and views the stolen URL’s from private accounts.