Habstrakt & Bellecour’s ‘Lasagne’ Drips With Saucy Layers of Electro Glitch: Exclusive


Hope you're hungry. French producer Habstrakt got in the kitchen with up-and-coming duo Bellecour, and you're about to get served three-and-a-half minutes of piping-hot electro-house. The track is called "Lasagne," and it's about as delicious as the cheesy Italian classic.

"Lasagne" comes on heavy with kick drum, covered with layers of zany synthetic textures. The hefty drop is 100 percent organic meaty goodness, something dancers can really chew on with a hook that sticks to your ribs. It's a brilliant blend of sonic flavor sure to go down smooth. The collaboration counts as Habstrakt's sixth single of 2019, following "De La Street" and his Monstercat debut, "Infinite." Habstrakt fans will be happy to know there's yet more to come this year, including his first music video and a new merch line.

For Bellecour's part, the duo recently appeared on Marshmello's Joytime III with co-production credits on the song "Set Me Free." "Lasagne" is set for release on Monstercat, but you can listen to it a bit ahead of schedule below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.