Häagen-Dazs Is Giving Away Free Ice Cream Cones


The company behind the delicious ice cream treats, Häagen-Dazs has announced a Free Cone Day tomorrow. The latter will occur on a nation-wide scale within participating Häagen-Dazs stores. According to UPROXX, the initiative was set out to raise awareness surrounding the slow and steady extinction of bees. Furthermore, Häagen-Dazs hopes to do their part on Tuesday, May 14th by offering a free mini-cone with any purchase at their stores. The event will be from 4 to 8 PM. 

The event in and of itself is dedicated to the honey bee, an insect which the company hopes to rescue considering the role of pollination in nourishing the world’s crops. Precisely, without the tireless work of honey bees, many of our favorite frozen treats would no longer exist. Several of our favorite fruits would also vanish. Yet the honey bee population has been decreasing at an alarming rate, mainly due to the advancement of climate change and the overuse of pesticides within farming industries. Considerably, Häagen-Dazs tied the cause to its underlying Free Cone Day to raise awareness on the issue and offer possible solutions to save the bees. Hence going over to their store and acquiring your free cone would mean doing a good deed while also enjoying a delicious treat.