Gypsy share a heartfelt piece from the "Other Side"


Songwriter/rapper Gypsy is back with a brand new single titled “Other Side”. The record sees her teaming up with producer Matty Beats who crafts a heartrending soundscape for her to let out her deepest emotions. Armed with a smooth flow and passionate vocals, Gypsy shares a story of loss, grief, and hope. Knowing everyone goes through these emotional struggles she offers solace on wax to anyone having difficulty dealing with loss.

It’s very relatable and soul-gripping too so hit the play button and let Gypsy’s “Other Side” heal your soul.

Gypsy is an American Hip Hop artist, from the Los Angeles area, who found her gift and love of Hip Hop after she Awakened to the Magic of the World. Now she spreads Love, through the Mic, one Rhyme at a time, to help heal Earth.


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