Gwen Stefani Songs Remixed: Listen to 5 Of the Best


Gwen Stefani is ringing in her 50th birthday today (Oct. 3), but that isn't the only thing she has to celebrate.

Stefani has been in top form as a coach on this season of The Voice, and has the most artists so far while going head-to-head with boyfriend Blake Shelton.

Below, check out a list of the best Gwen Stefani songs remixed for your listening pleasure.

1. "4 in the Morning" (Thin White Duke)

Stuart Price just doesn't disappoint.

2. “Baby Don't Lie” (JP Corsten Radio Edit)

This remix is more or less the same as Gwen Stefani's original song, save for the sped up tempo — and what a difference that can make. Here, it results in an infectious feel-good track. 

3. “What You Waiting For” (Lets Be Friends)

After the first few seconds, this remix eclipses the original in a synth-driven sonic explosion. This one was made to be played at high volumes.

4. “The Sweet Escape ft. Akon” (SMLE)

Considering the original song is one of Stefani's more laid-back listens, it's only fitting that the remix capitalizes on that by incorporating ambient undertones and keeping its mild pace.  

5. “Hollaback Girl" (DJ Wall And Kyle Hughes)

A drum-heavy remix soon takes a turn down a different path filled with whistles and layered rhythms before taking off in yet another new direction. This remix's varying sections ensure it entertains from beginning to end. 

6. “Used To Love You" (Maize)

The original, one of Stefani's more recent hits, plays on as a heartbreak-heavy ballad. It's reimagined here as a celebration of a relationship's end — and this remix keeps the celebration going the whole way through.