Gustavo Cerati Collaborations Set 'Satélite Cerati' Will Feature Andy Summers, Luis Alberto Spinetta & More


Satélite Cerati, a new compilation collaborations that Gustavo Cerati recorded with diverse artists, is set for release on Aug. 10.

Andy Summers, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Mercedes Sosa are among the artists who recorded with the late Argentine rocker, best known as the front man the group Soda Stereo.

Songs on Satélite Cerati (Satellite Cerati) include Soda classic “Té Para Trés” (with Spinetta), and Cerati’s version John Lennon’s “I’m Losing You,” which he recorded together with Los Durabeat, a Buenos Aires Beatles cover band. 

The album is set to be released on Cerati’s label, Sony Music, on the day before what would have been his 59th birthday. The acclaimed and fanatically loved singer and guitarist died on Sept. 4, 2014. He suffered a stroke after a concert in Venezuela on 2010, and never awoke from a subsequent coma.

The new compilation album’s cover, a stark and sophisticated black-and-white photo a microphone in rocket ship mode, was revealed on Cerati’s Twitter account early today (Aug. 2). The album packaging was created by Latin Grammy-winning Argentine graphic designer Alejandro Ross. 

Here is the track list: 
1 – “Tráeme la noche,” with Andy Summers.
2 – “El Mareo,” Bajondo.
3 – “19,” Emmanuel Horvilleur
4 – “Zona de Promesas,” Mercedes Sosa
5 – “Los Libros de la Buena Memoria,” Luis Alberto Spinetta
6 – “Desde el Papel,” 202
7 – “Eiti Leda,” Fabiana Cantilo
8 – “Sueño en Gotas,” D-mente
9 – “Té Para Tres,” Luis Alberto Spinetta (live)
10- “Bajan,” Luis Alberto Spinetta (live)
11 – “I’m losing You,” Los Durabeat
12 – “Electroshock,” Telefunka
13 – “Nunca Iré,” No lo Soporto
14 – Tesoro, (Leo García).