Gunplay Claims Ex-Girlfriend Attacked First In Head-Butting Case: Report


At one point, Gunplay was gearing towards having a major career ahead him. Unfortunately, he faced many setbacks due to legal issues. Most recently, the “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star was sued for allegedly headbutting his ex-girlfriend at a strip club. The case has since gone to court but it’s reported that Don Logan is trying to get it dismissed from court.

Gunplay reportedly asked the judge to dismiss the entire lawsuit filed from his ex-girlfriend, Aneka Johnson, TheBlast reports. The rapper has reportedly denied that he head-butted his then girlfriend and claims that she’s the one who attacked him first. He’s now claiming that whatever happened was done out self-defense.

Gunplay admitted in court documents that they dated between 2010-2012. Aneka alleges that the rapper showed up to her work at Miami strip club, The Office. She says that afterwards, the two them got into an argument inside the establishment and Gunplay waited for her in the parking lot after she was done her shift where he then allegedly attacked her.

Aneka’s police report says that Gunplay headbutted her in the face. Upon going to the hospital, she suffered from bruises to her face and neck in addition to a scratched cornea.

In the initial report, she claimed that Gunplay was known to act violently and his “harmful and destructive behavior” was the reason she parted ways from the rapper.