Gunna Defends His Big Blue Chanel Purse & Shouts Out Young Thug


For the last two weeks, people have been up in arms about Gunna‘s Chanel bag. It’s insane to consider that people care so much about what the Atlanta rapper is rocking on his shoulder that they feel a need to criticize his drip online. He first showed off his big blue Chanel purse after buying it in Toronto. After people started clowning him, his homie Young Thug decided to buy two of the same model so that the heat could be deflected in his direction. Gunna doesn’t seem to care at all about what people have been saying about the bag though, telling Hot 97 in a new interview that he still loves it.

Gunna and Nessa begin their conversation by speaking about jewelry and, more specifically, how you can spot when somebody is rocking fake ice. Twenty minutes through the talk, Gunna gets to the bag that everybody has been talking about, telling Nessa that he spent $9,000 on it and had to do a double take when he first saw it. “I’ma be honest, I seen the bag, walked away from the bag, and went back and got the bag because it was limited. That’s what made me get it. I liked the bag already. The price was like ‘for real?’ but then when they took it off the shelf, I knew it was gonna happen.”

He goes on to say that he doesn’t care what people have to say about it. It’s limited edition so he’s happy. If that ain’t the most hypebeast thing you’ve heard today…