Gunna Calls Out Producer For Leaking His Song "Martian"


These days, it can be difficult to figure out who we can truly trust. As an artist, you need to be extra safe about the music you create, storing it in safe spots to ensure that it does not appear online before you intended on it. Creators consider their songs as their babies and for one of them to leak can be pretty devastating. Especially if you had a big promotional plan set up for that track. Gunna released his new project Drip Or Drown 2 this year and he’s probably good to take the rest of the year off. His work ethic is solid though and instead of letting his streams run up on older songs, he’s still working away in the studio. Collaborating with producer StoopidXool on a cut called “Martian,” Gunna found himself online listening to an unauthorized version of the song, wondering how and why it ended up on the internet.

Gunna Calls Out Producer For Leaking His Song "Martian"
Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Gunna has a suspect in mind: his producer. He’s not entirely impressed with how things went down, cursing out StoopidXool in his caption and then proposing that they should still release the song as a single. “Fucc you @stoopidxool For leaking my song dead ass,” wrote the Atlanta-based rapper. “But the Mf still Hard af No cap 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥I Should Put it out the rightWay Bro.”

Gunna isn’t the only artist to have fallen victim to a leak this week. Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and 21 Savage all had unreleased music appear online. If you heard the leaked version of “Martian,” do you think it deserves an official release?