Gucci Mane's Biopic Producer Dubs Guwop "The Progenitor Of Trap"


Hip-Hop biopics are generally a welcome addition to the cinematic canon. While occasional misfires leave eyebrows raised, the hits tend to make the process worthwhile; films like NWA’s Straight Outta Compton or Eminem’s 8 Mile have gone on to garner critical acclaim and loyal fanbases. As it happens, Gucci Mane is set to be the latest rapper to receive the biopic treatment, courtesy the award-winning producer Brian Grazer. In case you don’t know, Grazer is responsible for producing 8 Mile, so he’s no stranger to the hip-hop origin story. 

TMZ recently caught up with the producer, where they proceeded to ask a few questions about his upcoming cinematic endeavors. After claiming a subject must bring something greater to the culture in order to warrant biopic status, he proceeds to dub Gucci Mane the “progenitor trap.” Fans may recall the brief yet heated discourse surrounding the inventor trap, which seemed to divide the community into two camps: team Guwop and team Tip. Clearly, Grazer has thrown his vote confidence behind Gucci Mane, which bodes well for the upcoming film. 

When asked whether the Gucci Mane movie will have a big impact, Grazer says “I hope so.” Check out the clip below, courtesy TMZ. It’s also interesting to hear his thoughts on the upcoming Halsey biopic, which he seems skeptical about to say the least; while he never flat out says any disparaging remarks about a Halsey movie, he seems unconvinced whether her impact merits a cinematic investment. Perhaps I’m merely inferring.