Gucci Mane Takes A Jab At Veganism & Swiftly Decides It’s Not For Him


Gucci Mane has indubitably done a complete 360 in the last few years. Since his release from jail, which he recently celebrated with his wife, the rapper switched up his lifestyle and noticeably shed serious weight. And while it certainly took consistent workouts and dietary discipline to achieve his current physique, perhaps a switch into veganism could kick things up a notch for the Wop. As such, Diddy attempted to introduce his friend to vegan foods, but the ensuing reaction hinted it may not be the right fit for Gucci. 

The video of the encounter was shared this past Saturday via Jermaine Durpi’s Instagram page. Diddy, JD, Gucci and his wife were having lunch at 5 Star Island in Miami when they were served vegan food. Guwop sits near a plate of two heavy hamburgers, which were revealed to be fully plant-based. The waiter comes by and explains: “This right here is a vegan BLT, vegan bacon with some marinated tomatoes, micro greens and fresh vegan mayo on a gluten-free bun. It’s something special out here.” Gucci listens attentively as his face looks as though he might regretting his decision.

“I don’t know about this one,” Gucci adds before Diddy states “Tell the truth about it. It’s all good.” Throughout the entire time, JD is cracking up. Finally, Gucci Mane admits: “I might end up with the burger.” Oh well, veganism isn’t everyone’s forte. Maybe Gucci could head on over to Arby’s seeing as they are not planning to introduce any vegan-products ever.