Gucci Mane Says Indie Rappers Need "Major Paper" To Get A Feature


Gucci Mane is one the most prolific artists our time. Between EP’s, mixtapes and albums, there’s not many other artists who have as much success as Gucci with the same amount musical output. In addition to that, he’s always been one to keep his ear to his streets. Despite his star status, he’s also been one to keep his ear to the streets. He’s constantly given lower-tier artists verses but the question is “how do they manage to get a verse from Gucci?” The answer to that question is pretty simple but not as attainable as you’d think.

In a recent live stream, Gucci revealed what an indie rapper needs in order to get a feature from him. The answer is what you’d expect: a lot money. 

“An indie artist gotta have some major paper.” He said, “If an indie artist got some major paper, I’mma give him some fuckin’ wit. I respect the independent hustle, I came from that. But you gotta come correct, ain’t no other way around it.”

It’s not that shocking to hear him say that. Gucci’s a man about his bread, as he’s always been. In addition, Logic Paul allegedly landed that Gucci verse for “It’s Everyday Bro” for $250K. It’s unsure if that’s his regular standard for feature verses but “major paper” is probably reference to a lot money. 

Peep the video below.