Gucci Mane Flexes Diamond Encrusted Cupid Pendant


The original So Icey Entertainment is back at it, flexing a brand new pendant courtesy Aydin Jewelry. In the video posted on Instagram, a bow and arrow set glimmers as it is being held up into view. The new addition to his jewelry collection is but one trump card that complements his new attitude towards fashion. Of course, the chains have better company and are relied up differently.

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Aydin & Co. owner Fevzi Aydin is a treasured member Gucci’s ever-shortening pressional entourage. The Atlanta-based jeweler who has been commissioned by a number prominent rappers, designed Gucci’s famous Ice Cream Cone pendant, a chain that reportedly set the rapper back 100K. Of note: Fevzi was a hand picked guest at Gucci’s epic all-white nuptial.

Lesson learned: never walk out on a tab, keep it friendly.

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Can you get it like Gucci?

If you had one concept for a chain and money was no object, what would it be? Comment below.