Guaynaa Shares Best ‘Chancleta’ Moment, Sends a Message to Chayanne & More On ‘Growing Up Latino’


In the most recent episode of Billboard's Growing Up Latino, urban singer Guaynaa shares his best memories of his life in Puerto Rico. The first thing to know about the “Rebota” singer is that the phrase that best represents him is “pa 'arriba, pa’ abajo, pal' centro y pa’ dentro” (up, down, center and in) which is commonly said when having a drink, especially during Christmas.

According to Guaynaa, the boyfriend of all Puerto Rican mothers is Chayanne. And, now that he had the chance, he took advantage of Billboard's cameras to send a message to his compatriot. “Chayanne, if you have the chance to say hi to my mom while you are on break, I would really appreciate it,” he says. “She lives the life saying he is my favorite artist. My star.”

As for the chancleta (flip flop) moment, Guaynaa remembers that his brother said something that their grandmother didn't like and she didn't throw a sandal at him, but rather a high heel that flew and got stuck in the door.

The Latin mythical creature he was afraid of while growing up is ‘el chupacabra.' And, casually his family decided to move to Canóvanas, Puerto Rico, the city where the legendary goat-sucker used to live. “It reached the point that the mayor of Canóvanas was going out to the woods to hunt the chupacabras,” he remembers.

For the singer, songs like “No Des Tu Tierra Al Extraño,” “Despierta Boricua” and “Mi Bandera” by Andrés Jimenez are the ones that best describe Puerto Rico.

“To be a Latino artist represent a lot of things, represents bettering yourself, consistency, determination. It means to have a vision. This is one of the biggest moments in Latin music history,” concluded Guaynaa.