Guaynaa Is an Unusual Type Of Handyman in New ‘Buyaka’ Premiere


After performing at Billboard En Vivo in Los Angeles on Sept. 5, the rising Puerto Rican star is premiering his new video, “Buyaka,” exclusively on Billboard today (Sept. 19).

In the video, Guaynaa appears as a strong handyman who owns a company — but instead of fixing your issues, they make them worse.  At the end, all of his employees lap dance on their customer.

"The video had to be something different from what is coming out from other artists,” Guaynaa tells Billboard. “We went along the line that women are seeing as an object and I wanted to change that for men.”

“Buyaka” follows Guaynaa’s previous song “Chicharron” (with Cauty); it is his second former single under Universal Music Latino Entertainment.

Watch the new video below.