Guapdad 4000 Just Wants His ‘Gucci Pajamas’ Back in New Video Featuring Chance The Rapper & Charlie Wilson


It can be infuriating whenever a significant other steals your clothes, especially when its your prized Gucci pajamas. Guapdad 4000 was stuck in that situation, and it actually spawned his latest record. Guapdad also calls on Chance The Rapper and Charlie Wilson to bring the "Gucci Pajamas" visual to life, premiering with Billboard on Thursday (Oct. 3). 

The Oakland native prances around his mansion nude save for a pair of socks and a bottle of Hennessy, while he tries to figure out how to go about getting his PJs back. Guapdad heads outside and lays down, as a couple women use his back as a clean plate to eat sushi off of with chopstix.  

"This record means a lot to me, because it comes from a genuinely relatable place," Guapdad tells Billboard. "I feel that’s the only reason why it’s a song I could put Chance the rapper AND Charlie Wilson on, and we all mesh in such a groovy way. If you’ve ever dated anyone who’s had big eyes for your closet then you know, especially if you’ve ever been a player."

Neighboring Chance hears what's going on, and peeks his head over the fence. He goes on to explain he's actually been going through some similar things with his toxic relationship, to which Guapdad helps him out by giving Chance the phone number to his great therapist. Uncle Charlie calms everybody down and unites the group for a family dinner to bring the cinematic storyline to a close. 

"Working with Guap was so much fun, not only is he talented but he is a jokester who had me constantly laughing during our recordings and video shoot. When I recorded 'Gucci Pajamas,' he snuck into the booth behind me while I was singing and was mimicking me the entire time as the videographers were filming," Wilson explains. "No one has ever dared to do that before, but that’s just his style and it turned out to be great footage. He has a real passion for the music. I know this record is going to be big for him and I’m happy to be a part of it. Now off to find those Gucci Pajamas!"

See if Guapdad's mission was a success below. 


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