Guapdad 4000 Drops G-Eazy’s Name All Over Town in ‘First Things First’ Premiere


The clip also features Reo Cragun.

Followng his standout appearances on Revenge of the Dreamers III, Guapdad 4000 has garnered the attention of the hip-hop community heading into his anticipated debut album. The Oakland native puts his scamming ways to the test on the back of G-Eazy in the adventurous "First Things First" video, which premieres today (Aug. 15) on Billboard

With the label breathing down his back and no budget, Guapdad knows he needs to finesse his way into making an entire video for free, an idea he reveals was inspired by Lil Dicky. Guap goes all-around Los Angeles with his film crew while using G-Eazy's name to rent cars and clothes free of charge for the shoot. 

After finally linking up with Young Gerald following a near fatal encounter with YG's security guards, he gets the keys to G-Eazy's L.A. pad, but the "No Limit" rapper has no clue that he's about to walk into a party scene made up of Guapdad and his Bay Area friends as part of a video collaboration Eazy definitely did not sign-off on.

"This was song No. 7 of a wild, drunk recording binge in a session with my producer James Delgado and Mike & Keys. Buddy had just left and Reo walked in and laid the hook, which sounded like fucking hot butter on a delicious slice of sourdough toast in the a.m.," Guap tastefully explains. "After listening to the magic we made, and basking in the warm glow that is my talent, I knew I had to get G-Eazy on the second verse. Too player."

Watch the comedic "First Things First" video below.