Gryffin & Elley Duhe 'Tie Me Down' With Energetic Dance-Pop Melodies: Listen


Everyone is afraid being tied down, until they find the love that makes them want to stay in one place forever. Sometimes that's a romantic love, or sometimes it's a family member that you want to be there for. Maybe it's a friend that has always had your back, and you'd repay the favor at any moment. Whatever the case, it's not a feeling you want to a hide, and if you need a melody by which to chant and jump your exclamations, Gryffin's Elly Duhé collaboration "Tie Me Down," out today (Aug. 3), is the perfect energizer.

“'Tie Me Down' is a song that’s been over a year in the making," Gryffin says in an emailed statement. "It’s one the hardest records I’ve had to make, but one my favorites. We went through over 10 different vocalists looking for the perfect match on this song, and finally found it with Elley Duhé. She brings the perfect energy and passion to the record, and I couldn’t be more proud the way it came together.”

Dance fans may recognize the Alabama singer-songwriter from her recent work with Zedd on "Happy Now." Her raspy pop growl has a soulful edge that blends well with the gritty but melodic production. 

"Thanks to Gryffin and everybody who made this record come to life," Duhé says in an emailed statement. "'Tie Me Down' is that song for all the unpredictable love birds – and even if you ain’t got a love bird, you’ve got your best friends, your cousin, or random strangers you can yell (or) sing at especially the mega chorus."

"Tie Me Down" is out now on Darkroom and Geffen Records. Listen to it below.