Growing Up Latino: Los Rivera Shares Their Traditions, Cravings & More


The Rivera family, including Don Pedro Rivera, Doña Rosie, Gustavo Rivera, Jacqie Rivera, Juan Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr. and Rosie Rivera, joined to celebrate Latin Music Week in Las Vegas and answer a few questions for Growing Up Latino.

When they are on tour, the Rivera family crave tacos al pastor, while the most pleasing thing in life is being with family, living and singing.

The tradition they want to pass on to their kids is not to speak in English while home. “We have a gate. So as soon as you cross that gate, you know that English is off,” Gustavo Rivera says, while Jacquie Rivera wants to keep the tradition of cleaning on Saturdays.  “Every Saturday morning, my mom makes us get up and clean and I want to implement that in my life,” she says.

The Riveras culminated the video by saying that for them, being Latino means to have passion and determination. It’s about people who want to succeed and accomplish the American dream.