GRLwood Host Basement Rager in 'Bisexual' Premiere


On April 17, GRLwood introduced their raging rock sound to the world with debut single “Bisexual.” Today, the duo is premiering the feverish video for the track.

The clip splices together a compilation basement jam sessions, piles industrial rubble, and band members Karen Ledford and Rej Forester maneuvering through abandoned buildings.

“It was filmed in a natural GRLwood environment,” the band says. “Wailing snowflake gaybies in a basement dancing and crying.”

Based out Louisville, Kentucky, GRLwood have created a self-labeled “scream-pop” sound injected with brash queer punk attitude. Their debut album, Daddy, which arrived on June 15, confronts heteronormativity and conventions gender expression alongside abrasive musicality.

Daddy is now available on Spotify. Watch the video for “Bisexual” below: