Gringo Star Celebrates 10 Years With ‘Make You Mine’ From Live Album: Premiere


Gringo Star frontman Nick Furgiuele has long wanted to make a live album with the band. And the Atlanta garage rockers' 10th anniversary has become the right time to release Controlled Burn (Live in Atlanta), whose rendition of 2011's "Make You Mine" is premiering exclusively below.

"A lot of my favorite records are live albums," Furgiuele, who co-founded the band with his brother Pete, tells Billboard. "Pete is kind of our recording guru; He's more into studio stuff, but I finally convinced him to do (a live album) and just set up the mics and get some audio, no overdubs or anything. Our set right now is comprised of the whole spectrum of our records, so it's cool to just capture that." And Furgiuele is also happy Gringo Star has something of a counterpoint to the group's more polished studio albums.

"It was cool to have the raw energy of a live show, in front of a hometown crowd," Furgiuele says. "I think there's something to be said for that live energy that happens. I love the (studio) recordings we do, also, but I feel like there's something more — I don't want to use the word magic — when we play live. We're just all locked in together. It's a different experience — but just as exciting, I think."

Controlled Burn, recorded last September at The Earl, puts something of a cap on Gringo Star's first 10 years as well. "If you look back, it's like, 'Oh, man, that last 10 years flew by,'" Furgiuele notes. "But when you think about 10 years ago, it seems like an eternity. It seems like we've been doing this our whole lives — I guess we have. But it also doesn't seem like that much time has passed at all." The Furgiueles and their mates are now looking towards the next 10 years — and beyond, but mostly towards getting back in the studio to make a follow-up to last year's Back to the City.

"We're working on new material; It'll probably be 2020 when we get it out," Furgiuele says. "Sometimes it all happens very quickly, sometimes you end up messing around with things for a while. We just keep writing songs that we like to hear and want to do and don't think about it much beyond that, and then we move on to the next things. But hopefully we'll finish it up this year."

Gringo Star Tour Dates

7/5 – Asheville, NC – Highland Brewery 
7/6 – Washington, DC – DC9 
7/7 – Annapolis, MD – Tsunami Club 
7/8 – NYC, NY – Mercury Lounge 
7/9 – Rochester, NY – Bug Jar 
7/10 – Windsor, ON/Canada – Phog Lounge 
7/11 – Grand Rapids, MI – Pyramid Scheme 
7/12 – Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club 
7/13 – Cincinnati, OH – Northside Tavern 
7/19 – Tampa, FL – Ellas Folk Art Cafe 
7/20 – Orlando, FL – Wills Pub 
8/2 – Atlanta, GA – 529 
8/3 – Athens, GA – Caledonia Lounge