Grindr's Publication 'INTO' Launches LA Production Studio for LGBTQ+ Creators


INTO, dating app Grindr’s year-old digital publication, has opened up a production studio in Los Angeles’ West Hollywood neighborhood, as part a new initiative to provide LGBTQ+ content creators alternative route to mainstream publishing platforms.

The studio welcomes LGBTQ+ videographers, advertisers, and other media companies to produce photo and video work at more potentially cost-effective means.

INTO will not charge the creators but reserves the right to publish the videos on its own site. That way, the publication can sell ad space on these videos and replenish its expenditures, all the while providing a more agreeable space for queer content.

Zach Stafford, Grindr’s chief content ficer and INTO’s editor-in-chief, hopes this project allows creators to circumnavigate penelizations by platforms that have confused LGBTQ+ slang for hate speech in the past.

“It’s been an issue in the past few years where LGBT content gets flagged on YouTube and Facebook for being inappropriate — and understandably so,” Stafford told Digiday. “A lot these algorithms haven’t understood the fact that like ‘queer’ isn’t always a negative thing, or to call someone ‘gay’ isn’t always negative. It’s really contextual.”

This summer, INTO will also participate in HBO’s seven-week pop-up experience, The Studio, that will celebrate the LGBTQ+ community through art and entertainment.