Griff Tyler Faces Off With Himself In “Show Off” Visual

unnamed-1-7 Griff Tyler Faces Off With Himself In "Show Off" Visual

Griff is continuing to release quality content as he builds up his catalogue in preparation for his appearance in a major premium cable program this summer which will raise his profile considerably. Stay tuned for his next video release in the coming weeks. 

Griff Tyler born Aarin Griffin is a 27 year old singer, songwriter, and rapper hailing from Inglewood, CA, with influences like Kanye
West, Drake, Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller. He enjoys exploring melodies and the limitless genres that make up the world of R&B and hip hop. Tyler turned his childhood mischief into his now lifelong passion. Whenever Griff found himself in trouble, his mother would in return have him write standards. Eventually the artist grew to enjoy the repetitious process and began using the time to write stories and poems, and soon enough piece together
complete songs at only the age of 10. In middle school, Griff used his enrichment classes to further explore his writing, which aided his performance in cyphers. By age 16, he began recording with friends and at 20 Griff equipped himself with a team and continued to hone in on his growing passion, creating new music, and accompanying music videos.
 In August 2018 Griff released his project “No Service”, highlighting his versatility with no features. While revealing his impulsive and reflective sides, Griff shared his feelings of once being disconnected and ‘losing sight’ of the important things in life. The project features hit singles “Same” and “Mamacita”. In November 2019, Griff released his project, “Free Samples” showcasing his creativity by uniquely sampling nine classic records. His most recent singles “Coffee” and “Guarded” featuring the Diamond Lane Music Group superstar Airplane James center every element and compelling performance he now has to offer in his ascension in the music industry. Tyler aims to become the soundtrack to his listeners’ lives – expressing his vulnerability and relatability within his songwriting, singing, and rapping to offer inspiration, advice, and pure vibes