Gregg Popovich Puts Congress On Blast Over Gun Control Laws


Gregg Popovic is one of the most legendary coaches in the history of basketball and when it comes to politics and social issues, he usually sides with the players. Popovic has never been shy to let his political opinions be known and yesterday, he sounded off about the recent mass shootings that happened in the United States over the weekend. Popovic is upset about the gun control laws in the country and wants to see something done sooner than later. 

“The situation we’re all living in now, everybody looks for a little bit of distraction in some way, shape or form,” Popovich told reporters. “But it would be a lot better if the people in power got off their asses and got something done.” 

Popovic went on to make a sarcastic comment about congress not being active right now as they are on recess. The San Antonio Spurs head coach is frustrated by it all as he feels like there are deep issues that need to be solved and there is no time to take a break.

“There’s nothing going on, so you know, take a break,” Popovic said. “They’ll come back and fix the gun situation, the environment, the inequality of pay, they’ll fix all that when they come back, I’m sure.”

As issues of gun control continue to be presented to the public, we will certainly hear more from coaches and players around the league.