Greg Oden Shifts His Focus To Coaching: "I Just Need A Chance"


Greg Oden had a ton of potential when he was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers back in 2007 although it quickly fell apart as he suffered from a reoccurring knee injury that just wouldn’t go away. A few years ago, Oden retired from the NBA and went to Ohio State where he recently completed a degree in the Sports Industry. Oden also got to be a student manager for the team where he learned the ins and outs of being a coach. During a recent interview with TMZ, Oden explained that he would be interested in using his new skills to become a coach and is currently looking for a job.

“My mind’s open. I feel like I got a story that can help a lot of these kids and I know a little bit about playing basketball,” Oden said. “Hopefully somebody gives me an opportunity, but I’m working on that now. I wanna get my foot in the door and I just wanna work my way up. I’m willing to learn and adapt, I just need a chance.”

Oden will be competing with the Aliens of the Big 3 league this summer so if you want to see Oden on the court again, you’ll get your opportunity quite soon.